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When a person buys a car, truck, or any other vehicle, there is no guarantee that they will not meet with any kind of accident or face any loss as a result of theft. So one needs to make sure beforehand that there are proper facilities to cover all these losses. And in order to cover the losses, there is the vehicle insurance which is also known as auto insurance, or car insurance, or motor insurance. They provide the car owner with a protection against any accident and also any liability that has occurred due to the accident.

In the US, in most of the states, it is a compulsion to have an auto insurance that will cover any liability from injuries as well as any damage done to others due to an accident. But the enforcement of this insurance varies from one state to another. Some states do not feel the need for the drivers to carry liability insurance, while in some states, people who do not have a liability insurance, need to pay some monthly amount. While getting an insurance for your car, it’s best that you get it from a well-known auto insurance company. This will prevent you from facing any kind of harassment or hassles in the future. If you are looking for the top 10 auto insurance companies in the US, then the list given below will help you in your search. The list has been devised in descending order as per market share and popularity, something that a company earns because of their popular plans and good work.

Best Auto Insurance Companies

Before approaching an auto insurance company for an insurance, you first need to know how to buy auto insurance, and you should also be able to figure out whether or not the company is one of the top rated insurance companies in USA. For a company to be top rated, they need to fulfill certain conditions that satisfy the customers’ needs. A reputed company will have a good financial holding, who can protect the motorist, provide the best auto insurance coverage, and also the auto insurance claims. The company also needs to show that they have all the important policies available, and also should provide favorable services in order to be termed as a top auto insurance company. The reputation of the company also depends upon the choices that the company provides. The quality of the customer service that these companies provide also decides and affects their reputation positively or negatively. Hence, before you decide on a company for your auto insurance, make sure that it is one of the top companies in the market.

State Farm Mutual

This insurance company is around 90 years old, one of the very best, and has a market share of nearly 20% in the United States. Vehicle owners feel very secure with State Farm, which, over the years, has increased its customer base to nearly 50 million. It provides online services and 24 hours customer service, which is something every customer looks for in times of need. With nearly 20,000 agents nationwide, and around 30,000 to 40,000 claims being processed on a daily basis, State Farm is easily the number one auto insurance company in the US.

(approx. market share = 20%)

Allstate Auto Insurance

This is a company which is known to provide its customers with excellent financial holdings. This company is mainly for teenaged or aged drivers. Some people say that this is the only company that ‘does not penalize you for being separated from your spouse’. It provides excellent discounts to its customers, and people have had faith in this company since the past 75 years. It also has an online service facility. No wonder they always make it to the list of top auto insurance companies in the US.

(approx. market share = 11%)

GEICO Auto Insurance

Over the past 70 years, Government Employee’s Insurance Company (GEICO) has been providing its customers with the best financial holdings. It provides support to customers on the basis of where they are located. It has nearly 10 million customers, and this company is known to provide excellent customer service 24 hours a day. They have a wide variety of policies to offer, and customers should get in touch with them for a quote, before deciding on the best possible insurance cover.

(approx. market share = 8%)


This company ranks right up there in the list. It is the longest-running auto insurance company around. It is number one when it comes to writing a standard car insurance and also a low rate car insurance. It is also one of the best companies when it comes to handling claims and providing customer service. It is well-known for providing inexpensive auto insurance. It provides insurance for motorcycles, personal water crafts, boats, RVs, and also commercial automobiles. If one compares auto insurance companies, Progressive will always figure well in the list.

(approx. market share = 8%)

Nationwide Auto Insurance

This is one of the largest financially strong insurance companies in the market. Their main motto is to satisfy the needs of their customers, and they serve them day and night. This company has been protecting the interest of drivers since the past 80 years. No wonder this company finds a rightful place in the list.

(approx. market share = 5%)

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance

This company has been serving its customers for the past 100 years now. It is one of the best-rated auto insurance companies in the US. It has its offices in about 20 countries, and it serves its customers over the phone or even online. I am sure when it comes to providing good services to customers, experience does count, which is why this company has made it to this list of top auto insurance companies.

(approx. market share = 4%)

GMAC Insurance

This insurance company provides its customers a wide range of insurance policies, and also various other insurance related products to individual customers. It started in the year 1939, and since then, they have set up their branches in USA and Canada, and they also operate internationally in Europe, Latin America and Asia. This company also provides services for automotive dealership and several other businesses.

(approx. market share = 3%)


If you have proof that your driving record has no official mention of motor accidents, or even if you are facing difficulties in getting an insurance coverage because of previous accident records, or in case you are facing difficulties because of the age factor or the occupation you are in, then this company is there to help you out. They provide one of the best quality and low-rated insurance models. So if you are not getting an insurance due to some accident record, or any other problem, then maybe you can try talking to this company.

(approx. market share = 3%)


Ensurance had a very humble start in the year 1999. But it grew up at a very fast rate in order to become the fastest growing auto insurance company in the US, and one of the best auto insurance companies as well. This company has some innovative ways to serve its customers and provide them with excellent services. It also provides good prices as compared to the other companies. You should get a quote from them before deciding on which company to go for.

(approx. market share = 3%)

21st Century Auto Insurance

It is one of the best auto insurance company and is known for providing excellent customer service. Some say that they are better than GEICO, and they are quite open and frank policies. So you can safely get your auto insurance done from this company, without having to worry about any hidden conditions that may drive you nuts in the times of need.

(approx. market share = 2%)

(market share projections are just for reference purposes)

Now you have the list of the top 10 auto insurance companies in the US. No more will you be facing any kind of problems when it comes to selecting the best auto insurance company, that will help you in protecting your car. Some of these companies also provide you with full coverage auto insurance. Decide well, before you narrow down on a company, and make sure that you go through all the feedback related to that company, before you make a final decision.

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