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Despite dismissal of fraud insurance charges, Indiana school superintendant resigns


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Casey Smitherman’s “lapse in judgement” didn’t land her in prison but she's resigned nonetheless.

Casey Smitherman, the Indiana school superintendant who recently made headlines when she faced insurance fraud charges for helping a student by pretending he was her son, has resigned. Live Insurance News brought you the original story last week.

Smitherman has resigned in the hopes of reducing negative attention to herself and her community.

The board of Elwood Community Schools accepted Casey Smitherman’s resignation. The board has been standing behind Smitherman and didn't fire her for the insurance fraud charges she'd faced. Local courts had dismissed the charges provided Smitherman avoids being arrested for one full year. The board didn't comment on the resignation.

The official resignation statement was released to the media, in which Smitherman referred to her decision to fraudulently use her health insurance as a “lapse in judgement”. She expressed that she's now embarrassed by what she did.

The insurance fraud charges may be dismissed but Smitherman felt it was best to resign regardless.

“I've dedicated my entire professional career to children and ensuring they've the best possible chance of success. My record of accomplishments clearly shows I've been successful in doing that. Unfortunately, my recent lapse in judgement has brought negative attention to the community and myself,” said Smitherman in the letter, according to a [count: 1 isn't less than 1].

The resignation was effective as of the start of the month. She explained in the letter that in order for a school system to reach its goals, there must be an “alignment” among teachers, students, the community as a whole and the board. “I don't feel that alignment exists at this time nor could exist in the near future.”

Upon Smitherman’s resignation, Deputy Superintendant Joe Brown become the interim superintendant.

The original insurance fraud charges against Smitherman occurred on January 15, in addition to fraud insurance charges - Elwood Superintendent Casey Smitherman Resigns - Casey Smiterhman - RTV6 YouTubecharges of identity deception. Official misconduct. she'd used her for an underprivileged ill student, pretending that he was her son in order to cover his medical costs. All charges will be fully dismissed provided she isn't arrested throughout the next year.

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[count: 1 isn't less than 1]

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