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GEICO Shares Bike Technologies That Are Making It Safer to Ride | Business Wire


WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For 150 years, bike technology has been changing. Ever since a

steam-powered engine was attached to an iron-framed pedal bike, circa

1870, and was called a “steam-powered velocipede,” bike technology has


During Motorcycle Safety Month, GEICO

wanted to share some innovations and focus on motorcycle


Electronic throttle control processes engine speed, bike speed,

and gear selection before it releases an adjusted amount of throttle,

resulting in a smoother overall riding experience. Electronic throttle

control also allows for “Eco” and “Sport” settings for better

performance and fuel economy.

Adaptive headlights will brighten up your turn. As the motorcycle

leans into a curve, an onboard sensor calculates the lean angle and

directs the light, illuminating the dark areas standard headlamps miss.

Motorcycle stability control utilizes several sensors to detect a

loss of traction and applies both brakes. However, don’t mistake this

for anti-lock brakes (ABS), also available on bikes. The stability

control system not only applies the brakes but also uses engine braking

to regain control of the bike.

Thin-Film Transistor displays will likely replace analog speed

clusters. The LCD flat-panel screen already used on performance-oriented

bikes allows users easily to update interfaces and customize depending

on riding disciplines.

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More. Additional safety

tips will ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable motorcycle



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