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Health and Human Services Insurance Coverage


Like most business, health and human services organizations, social service agencies, and other non-profit organizations must purchase basic insurance packages in order to operate legally and effectively. Some of the insurance packages a human services agency or non-profit organization will purchase are common to all businesses: worker’s compensation, umbrella insurance, and business insurance. However, the non-profit nature of health and human services agencies, combined with the special coverage needs specific to these agencies’ staff and the populations they serve, will often require specialized insurance coverages and targeted choices in insurance brokers.

Directors and Officers Insurance Coverage

Most health and human services and non-profit organizations will require Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, or “D&O insurance.” The very nature of non-profit and social services jobs – services done for the public good, and often, specifically for at-risk, under-served, or challenging populations — makes lawsuits against directors distinct possibilities, because of their daily agency duties and roles. D&O insurance provides coverage for non-profit or social service agency directors if they are sued for job-related activities or conduct.

As in the for-profit world, harassment lawsuits and discrimination grievances are prevalent in non-profit organizations. These types of lawsuits pose some of the greatest threats possible to non-profit and human service organizations: actions brought against directors and officers present great financial risks to agency boards or investors. In the event that a suit is brought against a social service agency director or officer, a D&O insurance coverage program drastically lowers the risk that any one board member will lose his or her personal assets as the result of a lawsuit. This type of insurance protection is so important that D&O is a standard requirement when assembling a board of directors.

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