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How To Find Cheap Auto Insurance For High Risk Drivers


Everyone who has ever driven has seen a bad driver on the road, and the auto insurance for high risk drivers is significantly higher than good drivers – and for good reasons. There are a variety of insurance companies, who are willing to insure these riskier drivers, and they are available in every state; unfortunately no city in the country is exempt from having these precarious drivers. However, for those who are fit in this category, there are some choices, and a variety of insurance companies who take the risk and insure them.

Definition of a High Risk Driver

Some drivers think they may be considered a high risk driver simply because of their age, and to some degree that is true, but there is still insurance available for these riskier drivers regardless of their age – in fact there are generally other variables that are more important than age, such as:

  • Drivers who have had multiple accidents are generally considered higher risk than those who are rarely involved in accidents.
  • Drivers who have had multiple tickets belong to this category, particularly if that results in a conviction for DWI / DUI, and the more tickets, the higher the premium for these drivers.
  • Drivers of extremely souped-up / sporty cars are considered at risk because they tend to driver faster and take more risks.
  • Inexperienced drivers are also considered to be at increased risk.
  • Motorcycle drivers are also considered to be at increased because they tend to take more chances in traffic.
  • Finally there are professional race car drivers and stunt drivers who are also considered to be at increased risk because of their occupation, not their driving record.

Other Factors

It's obvious that when drivers have numerous accidents that they would be considered to be high risk drivers, but there are other factors that also go into these ratings that include:

  • Drivers under 25 and those who are beginning drivers are considered to be at increased risk.
  • The driver's credit rating and credit history is taken into account in many states.
  • The history of prior claims is considered particularly if the driver is the cause of the accident or in the wrong place at the wrong time – more than once.

SR22 Insurance

SR22 is auto insurance that is issued so that a driver's license that has been suspended or revoked can be reinstated. Generally these are three-year policies but can run up to five years. When this SR22 certificate is issued it guarantees the state that they driver has met the minimum liability coverage and that the DMV will be notified if the coverage is canceled, has lapsed, or is no longer maintained. This type of insurance is generally required for:

  • Drivers with multiple DWI / DUI violations, tickets, or convictions.
  • Drivers who have been ticked for reckless driving.
  • Drivers who have been stopped for other violations and fail to carry insurance.


There are a variety of ways to find less expensive auto insurance for high risk drivers, but it takes comparison shopping, and the best way is to let the fingers to the walking on the keyboard by checking various internet sources. Many companies will give insurance quotes over the internet and can be found through a variety of search engines, and some even allow quotes from multiple insurers for the best comparative quotes.


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