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How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


People who live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have an advantage when it comes to finding cheap car insurance. Drivers in Pennsylvania are permitted to purchase Limited Tort insurance which offers basic coverage although certain benefits are not payable at the full rate. This is a great choice for many motorists and something they should discuss with a car insurance agent when they are shopping for a new policy.

For drivers who are looking for a more well-rounded policy there are still many options available to them at a cheap price. One great way to save on car insurance for anyone, regardless of the type of policy they have, is to ask for a higher deductible. The deductible is the amount required before a repair can be completed. If the deductible is $ 1,000 or $ 500 as opposed to the typical $ 250 amount, the insured is going to enjoy a nice discount on their policy premiums.

Another approach to finding cheaper car insurance rates is to take a defensive driving course. The course would need to be recognized by the state of Pennsylvania. Many car insurance companies see this as a sign of good faith for a motorist who may have gotten into an accident or two in the past or someone with a pile of speeding tickets. They may offer a cheaper car insurance rate for those clients who have proof that they completed the course.

In addition keeping a watchful eye on the speed limit at all times, does help to curve car insurance costs. Many insurance companies view speeding violations as a sign of a driver who is high risk. This kind of behavior can make it much more difficult to find cheap car insurance rates. Therefore staying within the posted limits not only saves money in unnecessary citations it also helps with keeping car insurance costs down.


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