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How to Hire an SEO Expert

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Most of the online journeys start from Google, Youtube, Bing or Amazon.

The right optimisation of your website will give your website a good visibility for your customers. We’ll tell you what SEO experts can do for you and how you can find the right candidate for the position.

What'll an SEO expert do?
The goal of an SEO expert is to improve the shows up of your website in the search results. People enter the key words and your website will be on the list if they're relevant to you. SEO isn't a short-term work. you'll need to wait for some before you notice the first changes. You set the goals, you discuss the means and you track the results.

SEO Expert

Project scope
SEO includes several approaches that'll improve your website:

  • The structure of the website and all technical issues;
  • Content on your website;

Factors that are beyond your website.
The first stage of optimisation is an audit to see how your website is working at the moment. It'll be your starting point to set the goals, the budget. Requirements for an SEO expert. Once you know where to go to, you may start looking for the candidates. There are some specific skills that you may want the candidates to have:

  • Experience in working with CMS, what can slow down the work of the website, basic understanding of scripting and programming;
  • Experience in analytics, building strategies, testing and keyword research;
  • Experience in building incoming links and analyse the SEO of the competitors.

How to optimise your website

How to select the candidates?
A good set of skills will be only the plus for the candidate. It’s impossible to be good only at one aspect of the search engine optimisation. Candidates should be able to see a complete picture of what they call SEO. They should understand what they need to know and use at work. There are no identical projects in SEO. There are a lot of things to consider.

Sample questions for the interview
We’re giving you a few questions that you may ask when conducting an interview.

How do improve your knowledge and skills?

SEO experts are always busy with the questions what and why something has happened. If a person is always curious about what's going on, the answer will be found. Candidates should like doing the research, reading and analysing the information that they get.

How do you deal with different clients?

Candidates can tell you about their prior experience and how they cope with different projects. Ask them how they plan to use their experience when working on your project. Ask them about the hardest challenges and how they managed to overcome the obstacles.

How do you evaluate your success?

If your website isn't among the first three positions in the search list, you'll get fewer visitors. However, you can't get to the top three websites for every keyword. SEO experts shouldn't consider only getting into the top three positions. They need to evaluate the overall success and how close they're to your goals.


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