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Parents believe their teen drivers are safe on the road


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A new Allstate survey showed that despite worries about distracted driving parents believe in their kids.

A recent survey conducted by Allstate Insurance showed that 42 percent of parents of teen drivers assume their kids are safe behind the wheel. Those four in ten parents don’t regularly talk to their kids about the subject of safe driving.

Allstate used the last week of October to help teenage drivers to promote discussions about safe driving.

Based on the results of the survey and what was learned during National Teen Driver Safety Week, Allstate encouraged adolescents to take matters into their own hands. Instead of waiting for parents to talk to them about , they need to start the conversation.

The insurance company placed the spotlight onto the way parents see the driving habits among their teen kids. It pointed out the broad concerns among parents regarding distractions and speeding among their teen drivers. This highlights the importance of empowering teen drivers to prioritize having conversations about safe driving. Young people must know that this topic is important enough that they can instigate the safety conversation.

Allstate is sharing the importance of discussing safety for teen drivers as they are at the greatest risk.

Regardless of whether they are passengers or drivers, [leadin: 2 urCount: 2 urMax: 0] of people at every age from 16 years old to 23 years old. Still, Allstate’s survey showed that parents don’t recognize the danger their teens face while behind the wheel. The research revealed that 68 percent of parents believe their teen drivers are safe. That said, another three out of every four parents think their kids take part in behaviors that are not safe.

“There’s an opportunity here for youth to take charge of this preventable issue, one that’s killing their peers at an unfortunate rate,” said chief , Ken Rosen. “Instead of being lectured by parents about how to be a safe driver, challenge yourselves, your friends and your role models to practice roadway safety each and every time they get behind the wheel. The most effective way to change driving behavior is through the positive influence of the people closest to you.”

Teen Drivers - Young Woman Driving TruckOnly one in three parents use tech such as Drivewise to actively monitor their teen drivers while on the road.

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