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Provider Overview – Aviva Annuities


Aviva is the fifth largest insurance company in the world. It has $ 725 billion in assets under its management, and its annual premium and investment revenue is approximately $ 98 billion. In the US alone, the company has more than one million individual customers.

The company has a long history – 313 years. It is the oldest insurance group that has been continuously operating in the world. The company's corporate heritage dates back to 1696, and as a business it has testified and participated in many historical events. For example, Aviva was the insurer of the Titanic. The insurer claims that they were more prepared for the economic crisis that hit in 2008, because of their history and extensive knowledge of the insurance market.

Today, Aviva uses all of the knowledge the company has gained through its intense history to focus on creating bright futures for its customers. To achieve this, Aviva promises to meet the long-term savings, insurance, and retirement income needs of investors.

Aviva USA is based in Topeka, Kansas. In addition to annuities, the company offers long-term savings, insurance, and retirement income products. Aviva's mission statement is "You." They have selected this mission statement to demonstrate that the customer is critical to all of their actions. The company strives to understand every customer's unique needs and to deliver on them. Despite their long history, they purposely do not want to sound like a typical life insurance company when they are dealing with their customers.

Aviva is also committed to helping the overall community. In 1994, the company established The Aviva Charitable Foundation to help achieve the commitment to the community. The foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations in the areas of education, arts and culture, civic and community, and health and human services. In terms of annuities, Lincoln offers seven annuities – three fixed annuities and four fixed indexed annuities which have multiple options depending on which product is selected.

The individual annuity products are listed below:

Fixed Annuities

o MultiChoice Freedom 3, Freedom 5, Freedom 7
o MultiChoice FreedomPlus
o MultiChoice FreedXtra

Fixed Indexed Annuities

o MultiChoice IncomeFive, IncomeSeven, IncomeTen
o MultiChoice IncomeElite
o MultiChoice Income Plus
o MultiChoice IncomeXtra

All of Aviva's annuity products are available with both traditional and indexed credit options, so that the purchaser can select what the best alternative is for them.

Aviva's fees and charges vary for each of the annuity products. Charges can include an administration and maintenance fee, a contingent deferred sales charge, a mortality and expense risk charge, a premium tax, a short-term trading fees, and an underlying mutual fund expenses charge. It is best to understand the entire fee and charge information before an annuity is purchased.

If an investor is considering purchasing an Aviva annuity, it is also important to understand the financial strength of the company. The top rating agencies have given Aviva high marks. For example, Standard & Poors has rated the company AA-. This is the 4th highest category of 21. AM Best has rated Aviva as A which is the 3rd highest category of 16.

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