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Single Premium Life Insurance For Seniors Explained


With a single premium life insurance policy, you pay your premium in one single lump sum. If you've managed to save a good amount of money, this can be preferable to paying your premiums each month, and gives you the peace of mind of never having to worry about making a monthly payment. It also guarantees that, at least for the duration of the policy, your policy cannot be cancelled for non-payment because you've already paid the premium in full. With most life insurance, that term will be until you've passed on, which means you know that you're protected for the rest of your life with single premium life insurance from Puritan Life Financial Group.

Purchasing insurance in this manner has many advantages. For one, you're guaranteed that your family is always protected, no matter the circumstance. You don't have to worry about your policy getting canceled because you paid for it upfront. Even if you die tomorrow, or in 50 years' time, there is a life insurance policy in place to take care of your family. You don't have to concern yourself with worries like, whether or not you are still employed in your current company or if you will be able to transfer your policy. In this manner single premium life policies can give you peace of mind.

When it comes to your returns and your cash outlay, you'll have full knowledge and control. You won't shell out more than your policy's value with a single premium plan from Puritan Life Financial Group. You determine what your overall premium is before you sign the insurance contract and give the insurer your full payment. Since you won't have to make monthly premium payments, you won't pay more than the value of your policy through the years.

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