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The Other Side of the Truck Rental Coin


When you say truck rental, the biggest majority of us instantly think of a move it yourself truck rental company such as U-Haul or Budget Truck Rentals. But some of those same companies that you might associate with do it yourself movers also rent over the road semi tractor trailer combinations to individuals and companies who have qualifying CDL licenses. Budget and other companies have what the call commercial rental divisions, where they handle truck rental and leasing to all manner of commercial enterprises.

The advantage of leasing truck rather then buying can be substantial to many companies. Many companies need truck only during particular times of the year, or on special occasions. It might be advantages to some companies to lease or rent trucks for tax purposes, or insurance reasons. For companies that want to make sure that their cargos get handled only by personnel that are qualified, leasing trucks is a big advantage, making sure that drivers well informed about how to deal with special shipments when loading and unloading as well as while the shipment is in transit.

Other advantages for companies are flexibility and diversity of equipment, making it easier to match the right truck or equipment to the right job. Fleet availability to move what ever needs moved without the hassles of maintaining fleet operations, such as maintenance facilities, thus helping to simplify budgeting and expenditures.

Many of the companies that offer leasing of commercial trucks offer 24 hour roadside assistance as well as offering licensing services that take care of your permitting and tax reports further saving time and money. Some even offer driver safety programs that can help to educate and retain driving personnel. Also driver education and safety programs can help to reduce costs due to equipment and cargo damage, thereby lowing insurance rates.

Some leasing companies have dedicated systems that can track each and every truck while in route, helping companies to maintain critical transit time tables on important materials.

So if you company has need of trucks on a big scale or a small scale, it may be worth while to check into leasing or renting the trucks and equipment you need rather then hiring a trucking company or buying the equipment.

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