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The Standard Partners with DMEC to Survey Employers on Paid Family Leave Benefits | Business Wire


PORTLAND, Ore.–()– (The Standard) partnered with the Disability

Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) to survey employers from across

the country regarding the growing trend of providing paid Family Leave


Of the 320 employers surveyed, 32

percent currently offer PFL programs, 64 percent of which include

bonding time with a new child. Of the employers that offer PFL programs,

57 percent provide more than three weeks of paid leave. Of the

participants who don't have PFL, 34 percent do offer some form of paid

parental leave benefits.

“The United States is one of three industrialized countries without a

national paid maternal leave program. To accommodate for this gap, many

employers provide a patchwork of benefits such as short-term disability

and paid time off. These benefits often fail to meet broader family

caregiving needs such as helping to care for children or aging loved

ones,” said Terri Rhodes, chief executive officer at DMEC. “Providing

PFL benefits will continue to be an important aspect for employers, both

from attracting new talent to retaining existing employes many

employes are part of the sandwich generation where they're caring for

their own children, aging parents. Both.”

While more than one-third of employers surveyed do have PFL benefits in

place. Many survey respondents, incorporating a PFL program into

their own workforce may take some time. Eighteen

percent of surveyed employers anticipate including PFL programs in

their benefits coverage this year, while 33 percent hope to offer it in

2018. Forty-one percent predict adding the benefits to their coverage

portfolio could take three to five years.

“Employers from a variety of industries are starting to proactively

offer PFL programs to meet the increasing needs of their employes,

including caregiving coverage for children and loved ones,” said Breanna

Scott, director of product and service development at The Standard. “Not

only can offering PFL benefits help increase employe retention and

recruitment efforts. It also can translate into better employe

engagement and overall productivity for an organization.”

As more employers begin adding PFL benefits into their programs, there

are also numerous pieces of proposed legislation at the state and

federal levels that could expedite PFL implementation. Currently, three

states have in-force legislation, two states and the District of

Columbia have passed legislation that's yet to take effect. 16

states have proposed legislation in their state legislatures.

“The current ad-hoc approach from states is likely to generate

compliance issues for employers, as provisions differ from state to

state,” said Scott. “It'll become increasingly important for employers

to be aware of state and local regulations, especially if they've

implemented their own programs.”

For employers weighing the addition of PFL benefits in their own

organization, Scott recommends analyzing the following considerations:

  • Is PFL novel or competitive within your industry?

  • Do you've any employes based out of state where PFL is statutorily


  • What're the demographics and needs of your workforce?

  • Would a program like this complement your company culture or offerings?

To schedule an interview with Breanna Scott and Terri Rhodes about Paid

Family Leave, please contact Cassandra Bergemann (cbergemann@bader-rutter.com)

and Tasha Patterson (tpatterson@dmec.org).

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About DMEC

The Disability Management Employer Coalition is the only association

dedicated to providing focused education, knowledge and networking for

absence and disability professionals. Through its national education

programs and network of local chapters, DMEC delivers trusted

strategies, tools and resources to minimize lost work time, improve

workforce productivity. Maintain legally compliant absence and

disability programs. Visit www.dmec.org

for more information.

General Media:
The Standard
Bob Speltz, 971-321-3162
Trade Media:
Bader Rutter for The Standard
Cassandra Bergemann, 262-938-5461
Tasha Patterson, 800-789-3632, ext. 102

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