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Which Costa Rican Car Company Is Best?

<p>Renting a Car in Costa Rica? Which company should you choose?

There are so many rent-a-car companies to choose from in Costa Rica –. From the large international firms to the smaller national agencies. Reviews on the internet invariably either damn or sing the praises of each company to the extent of being almost useless. So how do you choose the best place to hire a car for your trip?

Many tourists that rent vehicles in Costa Rica complain that they've been ripped off when they realise the extra cost of Insurance they're obliged to pay or that they've been charged a dollar rate that reflected the currency rate and not the quoted rate. Understanding the insurance laws and charges that bind the Costa Rican car rental companies may help you to ask the right questions when you're reserving your vehicle and avoid a nasty shock upon arrival. If a company isn't upfront about its additional costs. You may wish to consider whether it's a company that you choose to take your business to.

I've worked within the tourism industry in Costa Rica for the last six years and have lived here since 2000. I'm familiar with the feelings that many visitors to the country experience when dealing with rent-a-car companies. These can range from delight to discomfort to outright fury. Sometimes due to the inefficiency. Even dishonesty of the rental agency. Also due to the renter’s lack of understanding of the legally binding restrictions within which Costa Rican car rental firms must work. I hope that while this article won’t guarantee you trouble-free vehicle rental. It might make you a more knowledgeable customer.

Insurance needs, additional costs in rental and surcharges are considered in more detail below:


Basic insurance is mandatory. Costa Rican law is very clear on this and your rental car company can't allow you to leave with their car without having agreed to pay it. Expect to pay somewhere between $9 and $20 per day on top of your car rental rate. An honest, car rental agency will make this very clear in their pricing. If it's not clear whether the insurance is included in the rental cost. Ask for clarification and be aware of other potentially unstated costs.

Check whether your insurance policy covers you to drive in Costa Rica. Some policies include Collision Damage Waivers and will cover Central America. If you're covered, bring proof (in writing) for your vehicle rental company. If not, consider whether you'd be safer to pay the extra cost of this additional coverage. This part isn't mandatory.

Zero liability is offered by rent-a-car companies. You may wish to consider whether you'd feel more at ease knowing that you'd not be liable for any costs should something occur while you're renting their vehicle. you're not obliged to buy this supplemental insurance.

Additional Fees:

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Now you have all you need to make a safe and economical choice of rental car for your Costa Rican vacation - don't be shy! Ask those all important questions: Does this price include mandatory insurance? Do you have further surcharges to add onto this price? How much do you charge for additional extras? When you have all the right answers; you just have to plan where you're driving to first...

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