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You Must Have Car Insurance


In most areas you are required to purchase car insurance when you have your own vehicle. This is for your protection as well as others. For instance, if you are in an accident, the insurance will cover many expenses for you and for the person you are in a collision with. Without insurance your expenses can go out of the roof if you do not have the insurance and add to that the ticket price you will get for not having it in the first place. For these reasons, you need to shop around for the best insurance company that will give you good rates to cover your vehicle. There are usually lots of great rates for you to choose from.

In today's competitive market you probably will not turn on the television for an hour or two without seeing the major car insurance companies telling you that you will get the best rates through them. Some of the major ones are Geico and Progressive. When you watch their ads you should jot down their numbers and get quotes from all the different ones. Do not stop there either, check on the internet and through the Yellow Pages for other companies that will offer you quotes. When you are first getting insurance you should go with the one that will give you the most coverage for the lowest price. As you stay with a company you may decide that they have great customer service and that might be important for you, so switching around for the best deals may not always make sense later on. In the beginning, though, the lowest rates are generally where beginning drivers will head to.

Having car insurance is a responsibility that can be paid on a monthly basis, per quarter or per year. It all depends on your situation and how the insurance company offers the payment arrangements to you. Many people prefer to spread it out over the year and pay each month. That way the payment can be budgeted into the rest of your monthly bills. Paying yearly is a one time thing, but it can be a very huge amount at one time and many people find it harder to save up over the year for the one time payment. Quarterly payments are usually doable and there are many people that take advantage of this type of payment arrangement.

However you decide to pay on your car insurance, the most important thing is to get it in the first place and then make sure that you keep it active. Then, you are always covered if something goes wrong in terms of an accident and you will not get in trouble for not having it in the first place. It is important to get your car insurance as soon as you are planning to get your first car.


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